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It's pretty simple. Because I own it and love it. 

A few years ago I met a person who owned the most awesome domain - I guess I was really insistent, as eventually he sold me the domain... I have been using it ever since and giving all of my friends email addresses so they can enjoy it as well. 

I often get the question: 'what will you sell it for?' or 'why don't you ask Apple a lot of money for it?'. The truth is pretty simple - I have already been offered a lot for it (more than $300,000...) and will not sell it for money. What I will do - one day - is give it to Apple for free... I only want 3 things:

  • I want to be a part of the Apple beta program for their new products (actually just getting each new one the day it is available is also ok)

  • I used to say that I want to have dinner with Steve Jobs. This is sadly not available anymore, so dinner with Tim Cook it is

  • I want to have, at the bottom of the page (whatever apple decides to do with it), in very small print (could also be in very light, almost invisible grey) a tiny thank you note saying 'Apple would like to thank Gigi Levy for giving us the domain' :-)


That's it... I don't think it's too much to ask - and in the mean time my friends and I keep enjoying the look on people's face when we share with them our mail address :-)


Why am I using the domain?

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